7 Last-Minute Vacation Ideas


It’s August and back-to-school time is quickly approaching. How did the summer fly by so fast? With work, summer camps, sport camps, internships and part-time jobs, you never got in that family vacation! Don’t worry, here are 7 last-minute vacation ideas to satisfy the entire family.

1. Amusement Parks: This trip can be a single day or a long weekend depending on how large the park is. With a multitude of different rides, there will be something for the whole family! No pre-booking required means that no matter when you decide to pick up and go, it’s bound to be a great time.

2. Washington, D.C.: With tons of different kinds of attractions and museums, this is a family’s dream destination. There are so many options to make your vacation versatile and custom to your family’s interests. The best part about it? Most of the attractions and museums are free!

3. Beach: With beaches lining the entire East Coast, you’re sure to find some with weekend vacancies. Each beach has its own personality so with a quick google search and a phone call to a hotel, you can be on your way to your weekend retreat in no time.

4. Camping: If you’re looking for something to really connect as a family, you might want to think about a weekend camping trip. No gear? No problem! Rent a cabin and all you need to bring with you are some good hiking shoes and food.

5. National Park: If you want a little more adventure than your normal run-of-the-mill campsite, check out some nearby national parks. It’s a great way to connect with nature and see some of the most breath-taking views this country has to offer.

6. Baltimore: Are you a fan of sports, history or fun? Whatever your interests are, Baltimore has you covered. As home of the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens, the National Aquarium and the Inner Harbor, this destination city will surely satisfy your need for family time.

7. Staycation: Who needs to go anywhere? Make this staycation one to remember: order out all weekend, make forts, rent movies, stay in pajamas all day, have a fire and make s’mores, camp out in the backyard or do whatever it is that your family enjoys. It’s not important where you go, as long as you are spending time as a family, that’s all that really matters.

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