Stand Out From the Crowd

For Sale Sign House Bkgd.jpg

It’s no secret that a good-smelling, tidy house will appeal the most to buyers. So what else can you do to make sure they will remember your house over the rest?

Home inspections are normally done by buyers who are seriously considering your house, but this is something that you, the owner, could do before even listing your property. By having your house inspected, you can prove, upfront, the condition of your house to immediately settle potential worries. It’s also a nice gesture and something that buyers will remember when going over their favorite properties. Also, the inspector can recommend a few simple repairs to make your home even more appealing.

Accentuate its best features. Much like you dress to look your best, do the same for your house. If your home centers around an abundance of natural light, make sure all blinds and curtains are open. Do you have an amazing chef’s kitchen? Stage the area by precariously placing pots, pans, cutting boards and other kitchen accessories around so buyers can get a feel for how much room there is to cook. At the end of the day, buyers won’t be able to get the image of your house out of their head.

Get professional photos taken for your listing. Phones and cameras these days are all high quality and take nice pictures, but professional photographers can find the best lighting and angles. Photographers are trained how to maximize a space and accentuate a room. They can use the setting to make it attractive to potential buyers. Once posted online, it’s easy to tell the difference between professional photos and amateur ones. Potential buyers will be impressed and remember the extra care you took in marketing your house.

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