6 Unique Ways to Show Mom You Care

Mothers are hard to shop for. They never want anything, yet they love anything you get them. It can be difficult to figure out what to do for your mother, especially if you are out of the house or have kids of your own. No matter your situation, here are six unique ways to show mom you care.


1. Cook a Meal

Mothers are great at making sure there is always food on the table, even after working a 13-hour shift and carting the kids to and from soccer practice. Whether you’re duplicating a home-cooked meal or her favorite takeout from a local restaurant, thank your mom by taking the reins and surprising her with a night off from dinner duty.


2. Organize a Reunion

As kids grow up, it can be harder and harder for mom to gather the whole family together for birthdays and holidays, especially when everyone starts moving away. Make a plan with your siblings, cousins or other close relatives to meet (in person or virtually) and surprise your mom with a family reunion for Mother’s Day.


3. Take Her Out

Mothers are notorious for putting their kids first, so this Mother’s Day, find that one place she’s always wanted to go and take her there. Even if it’s just to the movies or out on a picnic, spending quality time with your mom will be the best gift she could ever receive.


4. Repurpose a Memento

Is there a family heirloom that your mother loves, but that just sits around collecting dust? Surprise her by repurposing a memento into something that she can use, like taking your grandfather’s tie tack and having a ring made out of the gemstone or gathering your old baby clothes and turning them into a quilt.


5. Do a Photoshoot

Make up for all those photoshoot temper tantrums from when you were a child by organizing a photo shoot. Whether it’s taking family photos or partaking in the popular craze of duplicating childhood photos as an adult, your mom will love having some new pictures to show everyone and post all over social media.


6. Honor Her Memory

For those of us whose mother is no longer with us, do one small thing to honor her memory. Make a donation to her charity of choice, watch her favorite movie or cook her favorite meal to remember the good times and how much you loved her.

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