Checklist for Your Virtual Open House

A successful virtual open house can hold the key to unlocking the sale of your home. Hosting a virtual open house will allow us to feature your home while following health and safety guidelines. Let’s maximize your home’s potential, together, by taking a look at how to prepare your home.


1. Plan the Walkthrough Path
You and your agent will meet via video and select the best path to walk through your home that will showcase its best features, including the outside space and any exterior buildings.

2. Declutter & Depersonalize
You will need to clean and organize your home. Declutter spaces by finding homes for all objects. Remove all family photographs and other personal belongings that make the buyer feel like they’re in “someone else’s” home.

3. Stage the Home
Although you may love your furniture placement, storage solutions and the items you display, your buyers might not. On your video meeting, your agent will take time to guide you through what needs attention and provide ideas/solutions.

4. Create a Cheat Sheet of the Top Features
Collaborate with your agent to prepare a “script” for them to use during the open house. Your help can help your agent highlight recent updates, renovations and the top features. Providing them with as much information as possible will make the best online presentations.

5. Use the Right Lighting
When preparing your home on the day of the virtual open house, eliminate shadows and dark areas by opening the blinds/drapes and turn on all lights throughout your home.

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