Preparing Your Home for Sale in January

If you’re thinking of selling this year, don’t wait! There are a ton of things you can do now to help you prepare for selling later.  Completing some of these tasks ahead of time can make the entire process go much smoother. Be proactive with your home sale and start checking things off this list!

Why Winter is the BEST Time to Sell Your Home

The Spring real estate market is notorious for being extremely busy. But, the busyness of the season doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the BEST time to sell your home. Depending on your motivations for selling and what your personal timeline looks like, Winter might actually be a better option for you. Here’s why…

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Spring is right around the corner, and if you’re considering putting your home up for sale sometime this year, then boosting your curb appeal can do wonders. Even if you’re planning on staying exactly where you are, taking some extra steps to improve your home’s exterior is never a bad idea.

Smells Like Spring!

What if we told you that you could have your house smelling like Spring, without risking the allergen irritants that come along with the season’s weather? Throw together one of these easy scent simmers and your house will be ready for showings, guests, or even just a relaxing evening at home.

The Other Kind of March Madness: Prepping Your Home for Sale

Basketball isn’t the only thing on our minds in March. Spring is right around the corner, and if you’re planning on selling, March is game time. There can be a lot of things to do before your house is ready to be listed, so make sure you are using your time wisely. With a great…

Don’t Fall Prey to Real Estate Scams

The real estate industry is no exception when it comes to being vulnerable to online scammers, so when you’re handling one of the largest investments of your life, you need to know that your transaction is secure. Homesale Realty, and everyone in the Homesale family of companies, takes great care in protecting your future and…

We Protect Your Investment!

Buying and selling a house is a huge financial transaction that involves a lot of personal information and data. At Homesale Realty, we deal with thousands of online contracts and wire transfers yearly and are proactive in making sure we protect your investment at all times. With our companywide risk management strategies, you can rest…

Promote Your Listings!

When you work with a Homesale Realty agent, your listing will be featured in our monthly digital magazine until sold! We advertise our magazines to a targeted audience to help you reach buyers and achieve your selling goals! Visit today to get started!

Pinpoint the right buyer!

When selling your home, there are so many ways to reach the right buyer. At Homesale Realty, we promote your listing in our Homesale Digital Magazines to pinpoint the right buyer and help you achieve your selling goals. Visit today to get started!

Social Media & Your Home Sale

Social media is one of the most impactful ways to target the right buyer and at Homesale Realty, we can reach buyers, wherever they are, with our extensive online presence.

Calling All Sellers!!!

Getting your home in front of buyers can be difficult, but at Homesale Realty, we make sure to reach buyers on the platforms they use the most. We advertise your home on the most popular social media sites, directing them to and your listing. When you list your home, make sure you are partnering…

Homesale’s Virtual Marketing Package

Selling your home, at any time, can be nerve-wracking, and right now, with certain industry restrictions in place, it’s even more intimidating. Rest assured, that as the world changes, so do we. At Homesale Realty, we have implemented a variety of virtual marketing tools to help bring your agent and potential buyers to you. From…