Help, I need somebody…

We’ve all heard the question before – “Do I really need a buyer’s agent?” – and trust us, we get it. Why go through the hassle of finding an agent when you can search the internet and find your dream home yourself? Well, it just so happens that there are a few major reasons you should be using a buyer’s agent. Read below to find out more!


The Listing Agent Won’t Help You

Occasionally, some hopeful buyers think that cutting out the middle man is the best way to go. Unfortunately, going directly to the selling agent isn’t the best idea. The listing agent works for the seller and has the seller’s best interests in mind. That means, they aren’t going to offer advice on how to negotiate and provide data on what is a fair price to offer. Their only concern is getting the most money for their client.

They Know the Market and Neighborhood

Agents stay up-to-date on the real estate market within their service area consistently. So, when you’re ready to buy a house, they already have data about general market trends, average pricing and selling history for different neighborhoods in the palms of their hands. Some of this data can be found on major real estate portals like or, but they aren’t very accurate. By having an agent on your side, you can guarantee that you will have the information you need to find a home in the best area and for the best price.

They Have Experience Looking at Houses

Sometimes a house can be gorgeous on the outside, but have some pretty major structural issues on the inside. Agents are constantly researching properties, working with contractors or seeing homes themselves and can provide insight into any issues with a property. There might be tiny things that you don’t even notice, but the agent points out as a costly fix in just a few months. Making sure to look at properties with an agent can help prevent mistakes upfront that could cost you in the long run.

Time, Contacts and Paperwork

Let’s face it, real estate transactions are stressful and can take a lot of time. Not to mention, you have that huge project deadline at work and your kids need taken to and from soccer practice. A Buyer’s Agent is here to take care of all the background tasks for you. They contact agents and schedule showings around your schedule. They do the research and property searches when you don’t have time. They write up the paperwork, fill out the forms and handle the negotiating. All you have to do is pick your dream home! There are so many hours in the day and they spend their days completing these tasks for you.


The number one reason to hire a Buyer’s Agent is because….THEY’RE FREE! That’s right, you read it. Buyer’s Agents’ commission is traditionally paid for by the seller, so it costs NOTHING for you to hire them and utilize their expertise.

If you’re looking to buy, find an agent near you at today!

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