What Style Gingerbread House Are You?

Warm, spicy and always with a good snap, everyone knows the foundation of a good gingerbread house comes from the perfect cookie. But once you’ve got the foundation, how do you decorate it? Often mirroring your real-life home tastes, you start to think about your gingerbread house aesthetic and how it reflects your personality. So, what style gingerbread house are you?



Classic Colonial

Are you formal, stately and classic? Do you prefer symmetrical designs and the warmth of brick-laden fireplaces? Do the outside decorations appear simple, neat and reminiscent of your childhood? If so, you are definitely a classic colonial gingerbread house.



Vibrant Victorian

Much like the colonial, this classic, historical home makes a bold, grand statement. If you like colonials, but need a little more pizazz, then you probably call a Victorian your home. Often regarded for its ornate design and complex, multifaceted personality, the Victorian home is a nice, updated spin on the classic tale.



Stunning Spanish

If you’re more about the structure and less about all the fuss of décor, then you might be a Spanish-style home. Known for its bold archways, stucco siding and ornate tilework, these homes stand out as unique and individual, just like you!



Charming Craftsman

Are you bold, daring and larger than life? These modern homes have a solid foundation with column-heavy front porches and personalized, handcrafted touches that make it uniformly unique. Striking on the outside and wide open on the inside, the craftsman home has room for everyone.




Images and idea for blog sourced from: https://www.realtor.com/homemade/which-gingerbread-house-style-are-you/

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