7 Ways to Light Up Your Holiday Traditions

We all have our favorite Holiday Traditions, like baking cookies, stringing lights on the tree and decorating until our heart’s content. But, as the years go by and your family grows, it might be time to up your game and modify those traditions or add new ones to really spread that holiday cheer! Here are some ideas on how to light up your traditions this holiday season.


1. Craft your own Christmas Cards

Share your holiday spirit by crafting your own holiday cards. DIY Christmas Cards is a craft that anyone can master and everyone will enjoy, including your bank account! You can add touches of glitter or stickers to really make your card stand out.

2. Write a Holiday Greeting to Someone in the Military

Remind those who can’t be with their families during the holidays that someone is thinking of them. There are numerous programs available for individuals of the United States to write letters. Gather with your closest friends and family to write greeting cards for individuals in the military.

3. Skip the gift exchange and volunteer

The average person spends hundreds of dollars on merchandise over the course of the holiday season, but some families aren’t as fortunate to have extra funds. This year, skip the holiday gift exchange and volunteer instead! Regardless of how you decide to volunteer your time, you will get back just as much as you give.

4. Plan a family cook-off challenge

The holidays are a time for many to indulge in all of the best recipes. Mix up your holiday traditions by planning a family cook-off challenge. This will be a unique way to stir up conversation while enjoying each other’s company.

5. Wrap your Holiday Gifts in something other than holiday wrapping paper

Have you ever shown up to your holiday gift exchange to find that you’ve wrapped all of your gifts in the same wrapping paper as someone else? Change up the gift giving tradition by wrapping your gifts in something other than holiday wrapping paper, like reusable bags, fabric wraps, jars – the options are endless.

6. Start a house decorating contest in your neighborhood

Decorating for the Holidays has proven to be a form of stress-relief. Spread the holiday cheer throughout your neighborhood by organizing a house decorating contest – judge each other’s homes on a point scale. Whoever has the most points wins the decorating contest! Winners can even win prizes, like a gift card to your local market, tickets to a holiday event or anything you and your neighbors agree you’d enjoy most.

7. Create a memory book

For many, the holidays are about spending time with family and friends and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Record these memories by creating a memory album. Use words, pictures or video to record each other’s favorite part of the season and keep it for future enjoyment.

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