4 Winter Landscaping Steps to Prepare for Spring

If you are thinking about selling your home this spring, make sure its curb appeal hasn’t fallen victim to the winter blues. These four winter landscaping steps will help you maintain your home’s beautiful exterior all while preparing you to tackle spring planting head-on. A little preparation in the winter can put you steps above the rest come spring.




1. Trim Shrubs, Hedges and Trees

Winter months are the perfect time to trim shrubs, hedges and trees around your property. Inspect your trees thoroughly and cut away broken or decaying branches. Winter storms can turn dead limbs into dangerous hazards for people, homes and power lines. Also, shape up shrubs and hedges into a controlled form so when they begin to flower in the spring, they are easier to manage.


2. Prep Landscaping Beds for Mulch

Now that your shrubs and hedges are pruned, the first step to prepping your landscaping beds for mulch is complete. Next, remove dead leaves and other debris. Once beds are clear, hard edge the perimeter first and then follow with either a lawnmower or string trimmer for a clean finish. Lastly, plant your spring bulbs in a well-draining, elevated position.


3. Protect Your Trees

Winter weather can wreak havoc on trees so take precautions to protect them. Wrap their trunks in burlap to shield them from freezing winds and spray from road salt. If you have young trees, cover their bases with wire mesh to protect them from wandering wildlife. Also, take time each snowfall to brush piled-up snow off of branches. The weight of the heavy snow can cause tree branches to weaken and break, damaging the tree and anything planted below.


4. Go Shopping

Create a spring landscaping plan and make a list of needed items. Most gardening tools and essentials will be on sale during the winter months so now is a great time to go shopping. Taking the steps to gather all materials now will help you jump-start your landscaping plan in the spring and can save you money in the long run.

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