New Year’s Home Resolutions

While you’re writing down resolutions for yourself this new year, why not write some down for your home? Making changes to better your home can do wonders in helping you achieve your own personal goals. Need some ideas? Try these!


1. Shrink Your Carbon Footprint and Bills

An easy way to start off the new year right is by reducing your carbon footprint around the house by adding a few simple practices to your daily routine. First, remember to turn off lights when you leave a room – your dad will thank you for this one. Install LED bulbs instead of traditional incandescent ones, and turn your air conditioner/heater off or down when not at home and at night. Also, water your yard less and, if necessary, incorporate drought-tolerant landscaping.


2. Create a Weekly Cleaning Chart

Most of us dread cleaning, waiting until our house gets so bad we can’t stand it and have to clean the whole house at once. Take some of the stress off yourself this year by creating and sticking to a weekly cleaning chart. Doing small chores weekly will prevent things from snowballing out of control. Set aside specific days for different tasks. For example, vacuum every Saturday, dust every two Tuesdays and clean toilets and showers on the third Sunday of every month. Making the cleaning more manageable will help you stick to the schedule throughout the new year.


3. Budget for Improvements or Renovations

In general, creating a budget is a good idea for all aspects of your life, but make sure to budget for unforeseen expenses or wanted improvements. If your roof looks like it could need replacing in the next year, start saving now so when the time comes, you have sufficient funds to complete the project. Or, keep the money for when a large appliance, like a refrigerator or water heater, breaks unexpectedly and you need to purchase a new one.

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