6 Fun Winter Break Activities for Kids

It’s almost time for schools to let out for the holiday break so be prepared to stop boredom in its tracks! These six activities are simple, fun ways to keep kids occupied on their days off, without them ending up in front of the TV. Plus, with minimal materials needed, these activities are perfect for kids to do with parents, grandparents, other relatives or babysitters.



1. Snow Painting: All you need is some food coloring, paintbrushes and snow. It’s an easy way to get the kids outside and let them explore their artsy side. Just make sure you bundle up!


2. Forts: Grab all of the extra blankets and pillows around the house and make a huge fort! Your kids can spend the day playing board games, reading or playing with toys.


3. Mini Chopped Challenge: Find some random ingredients in the fridge or pantry and let your kids create a meal out of them, with your help. It’s a great activity for children to learn about cooking and have fun while doing it.


4. Scavenger Hunt: Send your kids on a scavenger hunt throughout the house with clues that will challenge them. This can keep their brains sharp to help prevent a rough transition back to school.


5. Jeopardy: Host your own Jeopardy tournament with dry erase boards and flashlights. Use the flashlights as their “buzzer” and whoever flashes it first gets to answer. Plus, a quick Google search pulls up tons of pre-made Jeopardy questions for kids.


6. Gingerbread House: Crafting a gingerbread house is a timeless winter activity and one that your kids will love. Place an old plastic tablecloth on the floor to catch all of the sprinkles and candies that will undoubtedly drop. In the end, the mess is worth the fun they will have.

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