Notification Station


Congratulations! You’re moving! This is an exciting and adventurous time for you and your family. In between all of the chaos and enthusiasm, make sure you are taking care of business and notifying important parties of your new address.

Here are just a few not to forget:

  • DMV
  • IRS
  • Insurance companies (auto/home/life/health/etc.)
  • Employer
  • Doctor’s offices (family doctor/child physician/dentist/veterinarian/etc.)
  • Schools
  • Post Office
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Banks
  • Utility companies
  • Voter Registration
  • Government agencies (social security/welfare/medicare/veteran affairs/etc.)
  • Cell phone provider
  • Online shopping or streaming services
  • Subscriptions (magazines/retail clubs/etc.)
  • Passports
  • Home services (lawn care/cleaning service/etc.)

Don’t be overwhelmed. These processes are normally step by step and simple to do. There are websites with online forms to fill out for services like the DMV, IRS and subscriptions. Others, like doctor’s offices, employers and schools, might require a phone call or quick in-person visit. A few of these tasks can take some time, like updating your passport, so make sure you plan ahead so you don’t get caught in the waiting game at an inopportune time.

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