5 Houseplants That Anyone Can Grow

We’ve spent more time indoors this past year than we have for a long time. Couple that with the emotional toll our world takes on us daily and it’s no surprise that our health, both physically and mentally, is suffering. While we can’t solve all of the problems facing our society today, there is a way to help you stay healthy, refreshed and centered in your daily life. Houseplants, believe it or not, offer a few great health benefits. Some plants are air purifiers, helping us stay healthy and removing toxins from the air indoors. Others add moisture to the air, preventing us from catching colds. Furthermore, all houseplants help beautify our indoor space, keeping us mentally pleased and providing an outlet for care and attention. Below is a list of some common houseplants that are hearty, just in case you don’t have the best green thumb. Grab some at your local greenhouse today and start your year refreshed!

January IOV

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