Prep Your Yard for Fall

As summer winds down, there are some key landscaping to-do’s that will help you keep your lawn fresh throughout fall. Check out this list of simple steps you can take to prep your yard for fall and keep it healthy during the changing seasons.


1. Water Your Lawn

Water your lawn to help it recover from the stress of summer and also gain strength for the coming winter.

2. Fertilize

Apply fertilizer about 3 weeks before the last mow so your grass’ roots can store energy and nutrients to help it survive winter and come back strong in the spring.

3. Aerate

Aerating your lawn relieves compaction caused by foot traffic and allows air, nutrients and water to help your grass’ roots thrive.

4. Monitor Pests

Insects that are currently living in your lawn can cause major damage throughout the winter. Take the time during fall to eliminate lawn pests, such as grubs, armyworms and even weeds.

5. Raise Mower Height

Raising mower blade height by one inch during the fall helps increase your grass’ “leaf area” and allows it to capture more sunlight and store more food for the winter.

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