5 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

As summer arrives in full swing, the temperature is only going to get hotter. With more and more people staying at home due to the virus, it’s important to find ways to stay cool. Chill out with these helpful tips and enjoy your summer!


1. Stay Hydrated

As you sweat and lose water, your body temperature rises. Replacing fluids are essential to keeping cool. Just remember to avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine or lots of sugar. Water is key to staying cool!

2. Keep the Air Moving

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference. Whether you are running your air conditioning or not, simply turning on ceiling fans or portable fans can help keep the air cooler by circulating it around the house.

3. Water Games

Harness your inner child and relax outdoors. Run through the sprinkler in the backyard or have a water balloon fight. Try to avoid the middle of the day when the temperature is the hottest and stick to water fun in the morning or early evening.

4. Frozen Snacks

Ice cream and popsicles are a great way to keep cool, but you can also opt for healthier frozen alternatives. Frozen berries and other fruits are yummy and nutritious, but you can also make your own popsicles with low sugar fruit juice or light yogurt and fruit.

5. Avoid the Stove

Cooking big meals may be fun, but can add a lot of heat to your home. Try grilling to keep the heat outdoors, or stick to light, healthy, fresh meals like salads and sandwiches, or opt for takeout!

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