5 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes the heat. Energy bills during this time of year can really be a pain, but if you use smart, energy-efficient strategies, you can save yourself some real cash. Beat the heat this summer by using these 5 smart tips!




1. Block Sunny Windows
Sunlight streaming through your windows offers a ton of natural light, but it also brings a ton of pure heat into your home. Avoid the heat by covering up all of the windows on the sunny side of your house. Denser coverings are better, but a simple curtain will do. The more sunlight you block from entering your home, the cooler your home will stay.


2. Leave Windows Open at Night
Most nights the outdoor temperatures drop below the level of your air conditioning. Take advantage of this by opening your windows for the night. You can start doing this as early as mid-spring. Although your mornings may be slightly colder, the chill will keep your home cooler longer.


3. Use Your Ceiling Fans
A ceiling fan can be an inexpensive tool for keeping your home cool. To utilize this feature to your advantage, set your ceiling fan to spin counterclockwise. This will cause a downdraft, allowing air in the center of the room to move and create a wind chill effect. This cools your skin and makes higher indoor temperatures tolerable.


4. Take Cold Showers
Cold water is cheap. By taking cold showers, you can cool yourself off and save money! This will greatly lower your body temperature, allowing you to enjoy the warmer temperatures a bit longer.


5. Cook Outside
Ovens and stovetops can heat up a home quickly, making your kitchen hot and stuffy. Take your cooking outside and grill instead! Doing so keeps all of the heat outdoors, leaving your home cool and eliminating the need for your air conditioning to work overtime.

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