6 Ways to Give Back this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. There are cookouts and BBQ’s, hiking trips and pool openings, but we often forget the real meaning behind this very important holiday. Here are six ways to give back this Memorial Day weekend and honor all of our fallen troops for their sacrifice and service.


1. Attend A Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day parades are often great celebrations of those who have given their lives for our country and offer the perfect opportunities to thank veterans and active military members for their service.

2. Pay Respects

Take a trip to a local veterans’ cemetery or donate flowers to be placed on their graves to honor their sacrifice and thank them for their service.

3. Send A Care Package

While Memorial Day aims to honor the fallen, it is also a good time to give thanks to our active military members for their bravery and honorable work. There are many organizations that will work with you to create a care package and send it to an active soldier as a small thank you.

4. Visit A Military Museum

Plan a trip to see a historic military museum and learn about the different wars, battles, military tools and troops who have flooded our nation’s history with some of the most unparalleled acts of bravery and courage.

5. Take A Moment of Silence

Established by Congress, the National Moment of Remembrance happens every Memorial Day at 3 P.M., local time, and aims to create an act of national unity for one minute as we remember all of our fallen troops. This Memorial Day, make sure to set an alarm to remind yourself to participate in this moment of silence to honor all those who have lost their lives.

6. Donate

There are many organizations that offer support to children who have lost parents in the line of duty. This year, consider donating to organizations such as the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, the Folded Flag Foundation and A Soldier’s Child as they continue their mission of providing military children with college scholarships, educational support and counseling.

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