Head-to-Toe Home Reno: Garage Edition

Garages are typically home for a plethora of odds and ends, from yard tools and cleaning supplies to outdoor decorations and sporting equipment. With such a variety of items, you’ll need some pretty crafty storage solutions to keep track of everything. In the final edition of our Head-to-Toe Home Reno series, we provide a few simple ideas on how to make sure you don’t get lost in the endless maze of storage boxes.


Pegboards: Don’t let all of your precious tools get lost and jumbled in a toolbox, forcing you to constantly comb through and dig for what you are looking for. Nail some pegboards to your garage walls and hang your handheld tools and other garden accessories in an easy-to-reach, organized fashion. Pegboards allow you to hang both small tools, like hammers, and large tools, like garden rakes and shovels. You can attach the boards from floor to ceiling and even place the tools you use most often right at eye level. Pegboards are made in various materials, ranging from traditional wood to industrial steel, and can be found at hardware stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.


Overhead Storage Racks: Garages aren’t known to have the cleanest of floors so consider overhead storage racks, like these, for bins of old clothes or seasonal decorations. Everything stays elevated and practically doubles the amount of usable storage space. Pet carriers, suitcases and decorations stay nicely tucked away while your lawnmower, string trimmer and snowblower fit perfectly underneath. For an added convenience, you can add wire hooks to the bottom of the rack for bikes, strollers, air pumps and more! Most overhead storage racks will be found online, with the most popular site being SafeRacks.


Storage Towers: Plastic tubs are convenient storage containers. They’re stackable, waterproof and can hold a large variety of things. However, being stackable is only convenient up until the point when you need something from the container on the bottom. To fix this problem, you can build a storage tower with these instructions that allows easy access to every bin, top to bottom. Storage towers are a time and cost-sensitive item that enables anyone in the household to easily access whatever they need.


Outdoor Storage: For those of us with small garages that barely fit anything other than our cars, we might have to venture outward for better storage solutions. Sheds come in all shapes and sizes to fit your budget and storage needs. Make sure you check your local and state regulations for whether or not you need to apply for a permit. Also, if you live in an area with an HOA, you will need to have the addition approved. Once you have received your permit and your shed has been approved, you can head over to your nearest Lowe’s or Walmart to pick out the perfect one.


Floor It: Since the walls are normally covered with tools and such, one of the best ways to add some character to your work space is by modifying the flooring. It can be as simple as staining or painting, but you can also take it up a notch by applying an epoxy coating in a cool color or finish. For more comfortable support while you are working in the garage, you can try rubber mats and rubber floor tiles to place on top of the hard concrete. The options are limitless so check out Pinterest for an abundance of ideas you may not have thought of.


Thank you to all who followed along during our Head-to-Toe Home Reno blog series. We hope this information has been helpful. Good luck on all of your home reno adventures!

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