Head-to-Toe Home Reno: Kids Bedroom Edition

Trying to decorate a kid’s room can be really tricky. You know their tastes will develop as they age so you need to pick furniture and decorations that can easily change and aren’t too expensive. Also, kids and teenagers alike can be messy so what should you use to keep things tidy yet functional? In our fourth edition of the Head-to-Toe Home Reno series, we will give you some organization tips and small décor ideas to match their ever-changing style and your budget.


Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer: Kids love their toys, especially their stuffed animals. Luckily for you, most organizational products have multiple uses. Take an over-the-door fabric shoe organizer, for example. It can be used to keep stuffed animals or other toys organized and in their own place! That way, the bedroom floor stays free of clutter and the toys stay in reach of the children. As the kids grow to become teenagers, this piece can be transitioned and used for shoes as originally intended. You can find over the door shoe organizers at places like Target, Walmart and Amazon.


Closet Clothes Organizer: Just like with the over-the-door shoe organizer, a closet clothes organizer can serve double duty when it comes to storage. These fabric shelving units are large and have enough space to hold board games and other toys while still keeping them in reach of your kids. This item can also adapt to different needs throughout your kids’ lifetime from board games or clothes, to books or blankets. Find these organizers at any home goods store like the ones listed above.


Storage Headboard and Bedframe: With a smaller bedroom, the amount of space for storage bins and dressers can be limited, so using headboards and bedframes that contain storage is a great way to overcome that. There are multiple styles that can fit any need and preference, like platform beds with drawers or large headboards with cubbies. If you have the time and space, you can build the frames yourself with these directions for a platform bed and directions for a headboard with cubbies here. If buying is your preference, you can find tons of options at places like Wayfair, Target and IKEA.


Fun Walls: A great, rather cheap way to add character and personalization to a kid’s room is by finding décor that can be easily changed as they grow. With inventions like peel and stick wallpaper, your kid can always have a room that matches their current style and likes no matter what age they are. There are tons of different designs and this kind of wallpaper can be found at stores like Amazon and Home Depot. Another adaptable option is chalkboard paint. Choose one wall of their room to be the accent wall and cover it with chalkboard paint. As young children, they can explore their artsy side with drawings and as they age, this can become useful to keep track of homework to-do lists or schedules. Chalkboard paint is normally under $20 a gallon and is sold at multiple locations like Lowes, Walmart and Home Depot.


Lights: Whether it’s a ceiling light or lamps placed around the room, lighting pieces can actually be great personalization elements for a kid’s room. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and some even have cartoon characters on them. Target boasts tons of results for lamps that look like dinosaurs, unicorns, sharks, light sabers and more! Amazon also carries special lamps that project stars, galaxies and other celestial patterns onto the ceiling. These can then easily be swapped out as your kids grow and develop more mature style preferences. Check out Pinterest for more options and even some DIY ideas.


Come back next week and we’ll explore renovation and storage ideas for your kids’ bathrooms. See you then!

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