How Do You Know If It’s Time to Sell?


To sell or not to sell? That is the question. Unfortunately for us, there is no alarm that goes off to alert us that it is time to move, so how do we know? Well wonder no more because here are a few telltale signs it might be time to put your house on the market.

Remodeling Won’t Cut It

It’s natural to think of little things about your house you want to change as time goes by, but when those small changes turn into giant renovations, it might be time to consider selling your home and starting fresh. If you find yourself with a list of renovations a mile long, you should weigh the cost benefit and decide if the renovations are worth it based on the area and surrounding property values. It could be a waste of time and money in the long run if you increase your home’s value to more than what buyers are willing to pay for that area.

Location Location Location

Travel time can be a huge cost to anyone’s budget; you have to factor in car maintenance, gas prices and time commitments. If you’re tired of filling the tank three times a week because you are running the kids to school thirty minutes away and then commuting to work for forty minutes both ways, it might be time to consider moving. Factoring in job locations, schools, parents’ houses and friends’ houses can be tricky, but it can be well worth it in the end when you save time and money on your daily travels. Not to mention, long commutes can have adverse side effects on your health.

You Feel Like Goldilocks

A house that was once perfect can soon become too big or too small at the blink of an eye. It started out as you and your spouse living together peacefully and now you have five kids and they all fight over the one and a half bathrooms to brush their teeth in the morning. With no property room to expand, it’s definitely time to sell and buy a larger home for the growing family.

Now the kids are grown up and living on their own so this colossal mansion is way too big for just two people and a cat. And it’s not just about an abundance of space, it’s about the maintenance and financial responsibilities of such a large property. No matter where you are in life, it’s a worthwhile investment to sell your home and find the perfect property for your needs at that time.

Those Back to School Commercials Are Getting in Your Head

We’ve all seen them, those commercials where enthusiastic kids are running around the store grabbing pencils, notebooks and clothes. It’s back to school time! If that thought makes you start thinking about whether your child is in the right school district or not, then it might be time to consider selling your house and moving. One of the most important investments you can make, as a parent, is in your child(ren)’s education and, unfortunately, your address determines where you can and cannot send them to school. If you aren’t satisfied with the school, no matter what the reason, then selling your house and moving is an important decision.

You Have Relationship Envy

Whether you saw it down the street, in a magazine or on the internet, if there is a house that you cannot get out of your head, it might be time to consider why. Does your house not suit your needs anymore? Is it outdated and not reflective of your current lifestyle? Is there no chance of it redeeming itself in your eyes? If so, just end it now before anyone gets hurt. There’s no shame in admitting that you want different things and your needs have changed. Selling your house is a good thing; you’ll both get a fresh start and be happy again.

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