How can homeowners conserve water?

Water is an important resource, however many homes use more of it than they realize. As such, it’s vital to consider the ways homeowners can conserve water as this will ultimately create positive environmental changes and cut costs for them as well.water

There are many ways the average homeowner wastes water without even being aware. In fact, some methods homeowners may think save on water actually do the very opposite, according to the Charles River Watershed Association. For instance, running a dishwasher only when it’s absolutely full won’t keep dishes from getting clean, but it will save water quickly and easily. And for those who hand-wash their dishes it’s vital to turn off the tap while doing so as a means of really saving water. The same is true of brushing teeth and shaving.

What about outside?
There are also many ways to save water and obtain a healthier lawn simultaneously. For example, the best time to water a lawn isn’t in the middle of the day, because that leads to evaporation. Instead, watering when the sun is just starting to rise or set will give grass the best chance to absorb as much water as possible. People often water their lawns more than it’s necessary to keep the grass healthy.

There are many ways to maintain a healthy lawn and conserving water simultaneously. For example, leaving grass clippings on the lawn after cutting it will provide more shade and nutrients for the remaining grass.

Another way to water
Many homeowners often enjoy cultivating their own gardens, but it is unfortunate that water is often wasted here as well, according to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. Instead of using a watering can or spraying hose, multiple times a day, homeowners may wish to consider installing a drip irrigation system. Not only can this save time – as it doesn’t require gardeners to physically water plants every day – but it can also reduce water costs and potentially yield better crops.

Of course, a drip irrigation system costs money and requires time to set up, but there is a significant return on investment over time. Many modern drip systems also operate on timers, which is beneficial to a homeowner, as this maybe scheduled accordingly and beats the alternative of having to manually turn on and off each day.

In general, it’s a good idea to use common sense when looking at ways to save water. Most families probably know when they have a little wiggle room to cut their shower times, or find other ways to reduce consumption around the house. A little effort and consideration may very well make all the difference.

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