5 Ways to Create a Study Station for the Kids


September is here and school is back in session for the kids. As fall approaches, homeowners often look for ways they can tackle some new projects that were maybe put off during the summer months. Since the kids will have homework, creating a study space is a great place to start! Here are a few simple ways you can organize an area of your home dedicated to study time.

1. Bring the library to you

By adding in some floating shelves and placing children’s books on top, you can easily have your own little library for the kids right at home. Bonus: this brings some color to whatever corner you choose as well.

2. Vintage Furniture Finds

Remember those furniture items you acquired at summer yard sales? Now’s the time to put them to use! Re-purpose an old desk and chair with a fresh coat of paint that will fit the space nicely.

3. Build Up

Look into maybe purchasing a lofted bed for your kid’s room. That way you can fit a small desk underneath, making the most use of space and creating a cozy little study hub.

4. Let the Kids Help Decorate

Have your child join in on the fun of picking out some office supplies that will make the homework space their own. Hanging cork or chalkboard along with some pictures is one easy way to personalize the space.

5. Use the Wall Space

If you don’t have room for a large desk, make use of your wall space! Hang a calendar and dry erase board for organization, and a creative pin board kids can use for inspiration.

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