8 Steps to Building the Perfect Garden


With spring being in full bloom and Memorial Day weekend only a few weeks away, many people use this time of year to begin working on their gardens. Whether you’re starting a flower, herb, or vegetable garden, here are a few steps you can take to ensure happy planting that you can then enjoy all summer long.

  1. Get an idea
    Decide what type of garden you want, and also what types of flowers or vegetables you’re going to grow. For flowers, determine how often you want to replant them and which ones will stay in bloom the majority of the season.
  2. Pick a place
    Mostly all flowers and vegetables need about 7 hours of full sunlight each day. Test spots around the outside of your home to see if they receive too little or too much sun. It’s also important to put the garden in a place an area that is close to a water faucet.
  1. Improve the soil
    Soil usually needs a little help to ensure its rich with nutrients for your garden. To accomplish this, you can add a 2 inch layer of organic matter such as compost or decayed leaves to the soil.
  2. Dig
    The best time to dig is when the soil is moist enough to form a loose ball in your hand, but also dry enough to fall apart easily when dropped.
  1. Pick your plants
    Be sure to choose ones that will bloom well in your climate, and will work with the amount of sun in your garden.
  1. Put them in the ground
    You can either start months early and start growing some seedlings indoors in the winter months, or purchase already set plants which you only need to dig a hole and then plant.
  1. Water
    At the beginning stages, remember to water the seedlings daily so they don’t dry out. This won’t be needed as they mature, but always monitor the plants to make sure they are not wilting.
  1. Mulch
    To keep weeds out of your garden and water in, cover the soil with a few inches of mulch. Ask a store associate at your local garden center what type of mulch will best suit your garden.

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