Spruce up your patio for spring


With spring already here and summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time for homeowners who plan to spend a lot of time on their decks and patios in the months ahead to put a little work into making them as welcoming as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do that with simple DIY projects that don’t take a lot of expertise or even financial investment.

One of the easiest ways to make a deck or patio look better – especially if it hasn’t been touched up in recent years – is to repaint or re-stain it before the summer begins, according to House Logic. This can be done regardless of the material the patio or deck is made of, and there are actually plenty of ways to add a little pizazz by painting with patterns or using bright, bold colors.

Along similar lines, the outdoor furniture on a deck or patio can start to look worn-out, so repainting chairs and tables – or simply replacing weather-resistant cushions for benches – is another quick fix that doesn’t require a major cash investment.

Putting in more work
However, for homeowners who feel more comfortable working with tools, it might be possible to make an outdoor space even more welcoming. For instance, building – or simply buying – outdoor storage pieces like crates and chests can really clean up the clutter not only on the deck itself, but around the yard. Ensuring these storage units match the new paint or stain job on the deck or patio can likewise go a long way toward making the whole area look great.

In addition, some owners may even have the skills required to build a nice fire pit to make staying out on the porch late into the evening  more inviting. There are plenty of DIY instructions about how to do so quickly, easily and safely, but this is a task that should be undertaken carefully.

A little greenery goes a long way
In addition, homeowners who have a bit of a green thumb might also want to consider the benefits of making their decks or patios a lot more plant-friendly, according to the Seattle Times. There are so many ways to incorporate plants into a design overhaul, and most can be done at a low price point. After all, if plants just need plenty of sunlight and water, it can be easy to accommodate those needs in the summer, and make an outdoor gathering space a lot more attractive.

One of the easiest ways for owners to get inspiration for how they want a new deck design to look is to simply surf the internet for a few hours. The number of great ideas they’re likely to find with a simple search can inform all kinds of good plans that are easy to carry out in short order.

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