Clean like a Pro

Clean-like-a-pro…or at least make your home look professionally cleaned! Can’t afford a cleaning service, you’re not alone. Here are some of the best tips from the pros. Follow these and your home won’t just look clean, it will look polished!!

Get streak free glass
No special, expensive cleaners needed. Spray regular glass cleaner on your windows and wipe off with a newspaper. Newspaper is lint free and leaves nothing behind.

Use the right cloth
Look for microfiber or terry cloth that feels comfortable in your hand. Fold into fourths, using a clean area as you move through your tasks. When laundering, avoid fabric softeners that reduce the effectiveness and absorbency of microfiber.

Don’t just mop the floor
Mopping isn’t enough, mop your floors and then wipe them dry with a microfiber towel. A wet floor can dry with streaks and attract dust from the air. It takes a little longer, but the floor will look better and stay cleaner about a week longer.

Invest in a good feather duster
An ostrich-feather duster is a fast, effective way to remove dust (unless you have allergies). They are great for knick-knacks, vents, and light fixtures. Some even have handles that can extend your reach to get to shelves, fans, etc. A good one can last for years.

Vacuum Cleaner
A good vacuum cleaner is essential. Frequent, thorough vacuuming will help extend your carpet life and control allergens. A nimble, lightweight vacuum with a high-efficiency filter and good airflow is the best. You’re more likely to vacuum, if it is easy to operate and move around. Onboard tools are great, if they stay on board. Make sure they fit snugly and are in the right spot when you need them. Good cord length is one that allows you to clean the largest room in your home from one central outlet.

Cleaning Products
You don’t need to have every type of product that you find in the grocery store. A few good ones will do just fine. For routine cleaning you should have a glass or all-purpose cleaner, soap scum remover, floor cleaner, furniture polish and a gentle scouring powder.

Don’t forget the Fixtures
Many of us are guilty of cleaning only what we see. A good rule-of-thumb…clean from the top to the bottom. Use a long handled duster to reach the ceiling, light fixtures, and other high spots. Continue cleaning your way down, until finally reaching the floor. Cleaning above your sight line makes a room look much cleaner.

Simple, essential tools and a little bit of knowledge will get the best results in the shortest amount of time. Save yourself time and money by following these terrific suggestions.

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