Be a Savvy Home Buyer

When searching for a home, you will find some things you can live with, but others should raise a red flag! Read on to discover the pitfalls you’ll want to avoid and which ones you can fix!

Some Red Flags 

 Asbestos – Asbestos has been proven to pose serious health risks. Check attics and around plumbing for asbestos insulation. Be sure to opt for a home inspection when looking at older homes if the insulation looks worn or is disintegrating.

 Plumbing and Wiring – Amateur plumbing could cost big bucks if you have to rip out pipes and replace floors or walls because of leaks! This is also true for novice electrical work. Non-professional wiring can lead to shorts and cause sparks and fires. Look for exposed wiring in the basement and S-traps under the sinks; these are sure signs of shoddy workmanship!

 Buried Oil Tank – Removal of an old tank can be very expensive! If left intact, you run the risk of an environmental issue; the clean-up and repairs from this could easily cost upwards of $40,000! Since this is a hidden pitfall, be sure to ask the home seller and check all details of the home’s listing information.

 Water damage –Water damage found on basement walls could indicate poor drainage around the home and result in having to hire expensive experts to dig, repair, and re-grade! Water spots found in high corners could be a sign of a leaky roof or pipe damage. Check out this blog post on dealing with water damage in a flooded basement.

 Shaky foundation – Take notice of uneven floors, crooked chimneys, cracks in the bricks, or even doors and windows that stick. These can all be signs of a structural issue with the home’s foundation. Serious structural issues could cost thousands of dollars if you need to repair!

 Pests – Hard to spot on your own, you’ll want to hire an inspector to check the home thoroughly before buying! Wood-destroying insects (termites, carpenter ants, etc.) could cost you thousands, if undetected and untreated!

Problems you can fix: 

 Old Roof – Old does not necessarily mean bad, just make sure you start saving $ right away so you are prepared to replace in the future.

 Ugly carpet or wallpaper – Not deal breakers! Can easily be replaced, as long as they are not being used to disguise a bigger problem!

 Electric appliances – If you prefer gas, you can replace them and have a propane tank installed or the gas company run a line to your home.

 No Central A/C – Window units can be used until you decide to spend the money to have a system installed.

Being a smart home buyer can make
your biggest purchase, your best purchase!

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