Spooky Smells and Sounds in your House

At times the unexplained noises and odors found in your own home can seem terrifying. Below are some simple and reassuring explanations.

 Things that stir in the night

An unfinished attic space will amplify the sound of any small critter, such as a raccoon or squirrel, as it passes along the roof of your home. Rooftops are the perfect “unobstructed highway” many small animals use to pass from one place to another. Be sure your soffit, rafters, and gable roof vents are covered with screens and in good repair. Otherwise, these rooftop creepers may find their way into your home! Also keep tree branches trimmed to limit their easy access to your roof.

 A Ghoulish Odor

If you’ve taken out the trash and still can’t solve this mystery, you may want to call your gas company immediately. Natural gas is odorless, but distributors will add an odorant to it to warn you of leaks. This smell is often described as a rotten-egg odor! Leaks can occur at the gas line or any connection to your gas-powered appliances, such as fireplace, stove, clothes dryer, etc. If you suspect a leak, leave your home immediately and make the call.

 Something’s Brewin’

You can smell the odor of burnt wood, but there’s no smoke? The culprit could be your fireplace even if it hasn’t been used lately. A drafty chimney can cause a chill in the air and bring the stale, burnt smell with it. Stop drafts by making sure your damper is sealed properly. You’ll get rid of the odor and save on your energy bill too!

 Moaning and clattering

Loud groans are usually nothing more than the timbers inside the framework of the house shrinking and contracting with the fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. Vents for clothes dryers, bathrooms, or water heaters typically exit through the roof or side of your home and have flaps designed to keep air out. These flaps sometimes move and rattle with the wind, causing “unexplained” clattering.

 Scritchity, scratchy sounds

Are usually one of two things; either a branch blowing up against the house, or a small animal scratching away behind the plaster of the walls. Again, the hollow space behind the plaster amplifies the noise and makes it much worse than it really is. To stop these noises, prune shrubs and trees away from the house, and set traps in the attic to catch the mice.

Most noises and odors can be easily explained and fixed.

Don’t let the spirits of this season or your imagination get the best of you!!

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