June Market & Tech Stat

With the right maintenance, your home appliances can last you many years. June’s Market & Tech stat shows the average lifespan of a few common home appliances.

Simple Tricks May Fix Your Appliances

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare – you have a pot over the stove and turn the switch to find your burner won’t light. It’s the same idea with your refrigerator. No one wants to swing open the doors for a snack to see that their food is warm and spoiled. While your first reaction may be…

Winterizing Your Home

For those of you dreading the long, cold months of winter that lie ahead, taking the time this fall to follow these simple steps will save you money on heating while keeping you warm. Block the leaks – With energy costs on the rise, nothing makes more sense to homeowners than checking for any and…

Spooky Smells and Sounds in your House

At times the unexplained noises and odors found in your own home can seem terrifying. Below are some simple and reassuring explanations.  Things that stir in the night An unfinished attic space will amplify the sound of any small critter, such as a raccoon or squirrel, as it passes along the roof of your home….