Back To School To-Do List

Summer is starting to wind down as schools are coming back into session.  This weeks post could help make your transition into the school year a bit easier.

Back To School To-Do List

Contact the School
• Get copies of all school policies
• Provide emergency contacts
• Ask about required immunizations or physical exams
• Get a list of important meetings and events

Buy School Supplies & Clothes
• Browse store ads ahead of time for sales and gather coupons
• Shop with a list to avoid buying non-essentials or items that you already have
• Know the school dress code and abide by it
• Cut costs by avoiding name brands
• Typical supplies needed: book bag, folders, tablets, pens, pencils, markers

Make Mornings Easier
• Create a designated place for backpacks, books, instruments, sports equipment, and lunch boxes
• Gather school supplies and pack book bags and sports bags the night before
• Get your morning to-do list out of the way before the kids are awake
• Develop a set schedule for the kids (wake-up, shower, get dressed, breakfast)
• Have consequences for being late

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