Back-to-School Tips…for Parents AND Students

Ding ding ding! School is in session…almost. With the first day of school only a few weeks away, it’s time to get a jump on prepping both yourself and your children for another year of learning. We’ve got a few tips for parents AND students on how to make this year your best yet!

Back-To-School Health & Safety

The new school year is rapidly approaching, and just like last year, our children’s health and safety are everyone’s focus. No matter what decisions are made from an administrative or government level, there are things we can each do to ensure our children stay healthy and happy all year long. Read below for a few…

Preparing for an Unknown Back-to-School Scenario

This school year will be different and some school districts still aren’t sure how they are going to hold classes. With all the confusion, it can be hard to prepare your kids to go back, or not go back, and what you need to do to ensure a smooth transition once plans are put in…

10 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Back-to-School Shopping

For busy families, back-to-school season is not without its share of stress. Ease the back-to-school burden on your household with these shopping tips designed to simplify the year ahead. 1. Take stock of your inventory. School lists often carry over each school year, so make sure you aren’t buying multiples of things you already own….

Back To School To-Do List

Summer is starting to wind down as schools are coming back into session.  This weeks post could help make your transition into the school year a bit easier. Back To School To-Do List Contact the School • Get copies of all school policies • Provide emergency contacts • Ask about required immunizations or physical exams…