Can You Sell an Outdated House?

It seems  that everywhere you  turn  there are  companies  who  advertise  buying ugly  houses.  These messages  offer  to  quickly  buy  any  house,  regardless of  the condition.  The  problem  is  that  their  offers  are  often  significantly  below  market value.  

If  you’re a  seller  whose home needs  some  attention, you  might  think these companies  are  your  only  option.  Some of  the offers  sound  attractive;  quick sale, all  cash,  no  commissions,  and no  fees.  But  before  you do  anything,  it’s  worth your time  to  call  a  local  real  estate agent for  a  second  opinion.  

3  Reasons  to  Call a Real Estate  Agent  Now

  1. Free Advice –  The real  estate agent will  not charge you  anything  to  simply come look at your  home.  
  2. Your House Might  Not  Be  that  Ugly  –  You  may  be  surprised to  find  that your  home is  quite marketable.  A  few  years  ago, a  1950s  mid-century modern home  would  have  been considered a  tear-down.  Now,  these ranch homes command top dollar  and are  in very  short  supply.  
  3. A Path Forward  –  If  your  home does  have some issues, the  agent  can offer some ideas  about  moving  forward.  They  can suggest  local  contractors  to provide  repair/upgrade  services  or  market  to  investors  that might still  offer significantly  higher  prices  than the  quick-sale  guys.  

Even  outdated  houses  sell.  We are in  a  seller’s  market in  almost  every  part of  the country.  Selling  your  home  has  a  large  financial  impact  on you and your  family. Don’t  make assumptions  about value, reach  out to  a  real  estate  agent, and  make sure  you  understand  all  your  options  so  you can get  the  best  offer  possible.  

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