Tips to Make Your Home both Beautiful and Kid-Friendly

Have you  ever  been  to  a  home where it’s  clear  that the kids  have taken  over  the space?  It’s  obvious  that the home has  become  more of  a  playground,  filled  with toys  and  bright-colored  plastic  everywhere.  Homes  like this  often  sacrifice style for  durability  or stain-resistance.  Maybe this  is  your  home?  The good  news  is  that it’s  possible to  create  a  home that incorporates  the beauty  of  a  stylish  home with the  practicality  of  living  with children.  Here  are  a  few  design tips  to  help.

  • Be Realistic –  You  may  love the look of  crisp  white sofas  and  delicate glass vases, but if  you  live with  kids, opt  for  more  durable  choices.  Natural  fiber furniture  in neutrals  hide  stains  while  looking  stylish;  choose  a  sofa  with removable  cushion  covers  you  can  pop in the  wash as  needed.  Display beautiful  wood or  stone  accent  pieces  instead  of  glass,  to  cut  down on accidental  breakage.  
  • Less is More  –  Uncrowded  rooms allow  for  the  excess energy  of  fastmoving  children.  Give  them  room  to  play.  Less  toys  also  means  less  mess when they’re  all  inevitably  spread over  the  house!
  • Double Duty Furniture  –  Look  for  stylish  bins  or  hidden storage  units  such as  ottomans  where  you can  quickly  dump  excess  toys  when guests  pop by.  
  • Create a Play  Station  –  Carve out a  special  place for  the kids  to  play,  such as a basement  family room  or  a cozy attic.  Keep  larger  playsets  and  toys  there and help the  kids  make  it  a  special  place  just  for  them.  This  may  keep  some of  the ‘kid  clutter’ contained  to  one area  of  the home.
  • House Rules –  Develop some  simple  rules  and then be  disciplined about  it. For  example, a  good  house rule is  that toys  are gathered  into  storage units each evening  before  dinner.  Cleaning  things  up  a  bit at a  time makes  it less overwhelming.

Most of  all, strive for  a  livable home.  It’s  almost impossible to  have a  pictureperfect  home  with  kids, but by  taking  a  few  simple steps, you  can  merge a  kidfriendly  environment  with a  beautiful  adult  home

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