Can’t Sell Your Home in a Seller’s Market?

It’s  no  secret  that  most  of  the  country  is  experiencing  a  strong  seller’s  market. With more  homebuyers  than inventory, most  sellers  have been  delighted  to  sell quickly  and often with multiple  offers.  Yet,  some  homes  are  still  sitting  on  the market  and these  sellers  may  be  wondering  why.

Here are  7  reasons  why  your  home  listing  is  not  selling:

  1. Overconfidence –  While  many  homes  are  being  snapped  up on day  one, this  does  not  mean you can avoid the  basics  of  good marketing, professional  photos, and open houses.  
  2. Overpriced –  In a  seller’s  market, home  prices  do  advance, but  a dramatically overpriced  home  will still  sit  unnoticed.   
  3. Appearance –  With low inventory, homebuyers  will  compromise  on some issues, but  properties  in need of  major  TLC  or  extensive  deferred maintenance  will not  hold  mass  appeal.  
  4. Title Problems  –  Title  issues  are  more  common than you think.  Old judgments  or  messy  probate  can  take  time  to  resolve  and  in  a fast-paced market, buyers  will  often just  move  on.
  5. Stinky –  Smelly  homes  simply  do not  sell.  Fortunately,  there  are professional  options  that  can eliminate  most  odors.  
  6. Lazy Agent  –  The  hard truth is  that  in a  seller’s  market,  some  agents  just get lazy, assuming  the  home  will  sell  without  much effort.  Your  agent  should still be  doing  all  the  right  things  –  open houses, listing  pictures, follow-up, and personal  showings.  

A seller’s  market  is  exciting  for  homeowners  ready to  move.  If  your  listing  is  just sitting  without  much activity,  it is  time  to  take  a  hard look  at  what  you’re  doing wrong  and make  changes.  

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