Head-to-Toe Home Reno: Master Bedroom Edition

The master bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary to relax and unwind from a busy day. Unfortunately, with kids, activities and other responsibilities, we tend to neglect the one space in our home that should bring us comfort, allowing it to become cluttered and another cause of daily stress. In the second edition of our Head-to-Toe Home Reno series, we will give you some tips on master bedroom storage and a few small renovation ideas to rejuvenate its look.



Under Bed Storage: There is probably a good amount of unused space under your bed that you could be taking advantage of. Instead of shoving things under there willy-nilly, consider buying or building some under bed drawers to keep everything organized and out of sight. This kind of storage could work well for seasonal clothes, extra blankets or sheets, shoes or purses/luggage bags.


DIY Headboard: A great way to add a little style to your master bedroom is to upgrade your headboard. There are hundreds of different headboard ideas and they are not all traditional, so get creative and show off your personality. Check out these articles (here, here and here) for a bunch of ideas, like draping a throw rug over a rod, creating a unique mosaic or reusing old wood, windows and doors for the perfect rustic touch.


Headboard Storage: Speaking of headboards, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, think about adding a headboard storage unit to your bed. With dozens of different designs, this craft combines functionality and the opportunity to add your own personal style. For design ideas and build-it-yourself tutorials, head over to Pinterest and get lost in the world of headboards. Or, if you prefer to buy a unit, you can find some for various prices at Wayfair, Walmart or Ikea.


Cheap Elegance: Add some modern updates on a budget with a few new light fixtures or an accent wall of wainscoting. Get rid of the outdated brass ceiling fan and replace it with a modern, simplistic ceiling light or updated ceiling fan made of brushed nickel or bronze. Cover an entire wall with wainscoting and then paint it to match the rest of the room or choose a bold color for a great accent wall. You can buy or build wainscoting at your preference and convenience.


Varying Shelf Heights: Whether you already have a shelving unit or are thinking of getting one, it’s good to remember that the best way to maximize its use is to vary the shelf heights based on what you are storing. For example, t-shirts don’t take up as much room as sweaters, so reducing the space between your shelves can give you proper storage for shirts without wasting and losing space for bulkier items like sweaters.


Come back next week and we’ll explore renovation and storage ideas for the master bathroom. See you then!

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