Sell Your Best Self

Blog ImageWhen homeowners are reviewing offers from potential buyers, they factor in more than just the money. They want to know that whoever is going to buy their house will take care of it with the same pride that they did and they want to make sure their home will fit the needs of the new family moving in. The best way to position your offer as a favorite is to sell yourself as a buyer.

We’ve been told from a young age to make a good first impression and that holds true when meeting either the listing agent or current homeowners for a property you are interested in purchasing. You want to make sure that the important parties are taking you and your offer seriously so dressing nicely is an easy way to exude a sense of professionalism and sincerity.

You also want to make sure you are prepared with information to assure the homeowner that you are committed to your offer. Research the property and surrounding community beforehand so you can get a real feel for the value of the home. This fact checking can help you determine an offer that is appropriately competitive for the local market. If the offer is too low it could be tossed aside and if it’s too high it might be taken as a joke or insincere offer.

Being open and honest about your intentions with the house and property is also really important to the sellers. Talking to them about changing the paint in the upstairs bedroom to your kid’s favorite color fosters a sense of genuine interest in creating a lasting home for you and your family. They want to know that you can see yourself thriving in the home and utilizing every feature it has to offer.

At the end of the day, sellers are going to choose the individual or family who they feel, on a personal level, fits best with the house. As the buyer, it is your job to sell your best self so the homeowners know that you are that perfect party.

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