Not-So-Scary Renovations


Renovations don’t always have to be costly and time-consuming. They also don’t have to mean knocking down walls or ripping up flooring. Sometimes, it just means changing the light switch plates. Here are a few ideas of small updates you can do to add value and style to your home.


Whether it’s the bathroom, the living room or the front door, a fresh coat of paint can really help liven up the look of your home. Think of it like a face-lift for your house. Cans of paint are relatively cheap and with the abundance of tutorials and professional grade tools, you won’t have to hire someone to do it for you. Also, when picking colors, try to stick with neutrals as they are timeless and will match any décor you choose.


Whether you want to add a small trim around the baseboard of your home or go all out and line your dining room with wainscoting, adding molding or paneling to your house is actually pretty simple and cost conscious. Name brand department stores have a plethora of different styles of molding and pre-made panels that are ready to install, saving you time and money.


Changing out little things like door/cabinet handles or faucets and light switch plates can be quick ways to upgrade the entire look of your home. Ditch the old-timey brass and change it up to an aged bronze or brushed nickel. Go for a simple, sleek design and keep your home classy for ages to come.


Upgrading light fixtures to more modern designs can create a central focal point that can make the whole room seem expensive. Along the same lines as the small fixtures, steer more towards simple, sleek lights. Currently, the design trend includes geometric shapes and strong, defined lines. Another popular trend to consider is track lighting. These fixtures are elegant, customizable and very practical for everyday use.

These small renovations can upgrade the look of your home without costing you an arm and a leg and you might even have fun doing it!

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