5 Ways To Make Your Summer Party A Success!


It’s summer! The days are long, the nights are warm and it’s the perfect time for a party. In between the family vacations and the fireworks, gather together for some good food and great fun. Follow these tips on how to make your next summer party a success!

Send Out Online Invitations

One of the most effortless ways to send out invitations is by creating a Facebook event. Friends can RSVP easily, ask questions and even post how excited they are to attend. It also sends reminders to everyone that they have an event coming up. It’s fast, simple and perfect for your next party.

Keep the Bugs Away

Arguably one of the worst things about an outdoor summer party is the bugs. Offer your guests bug wipes instead of bug sprays; they will keep the air fresh and work just as well. Also, plug in some box fans around the party space. Most bugs, especially mosquitoes, are weak flyers, so having air flowing will help stop them from sticking around.

Potluck and Drop

Everyone has their own personal spin on classic dishes and their favorite summer fare that they would love to share. Make your next party a potluck so everyone feels involved. Ask everyone to post what they are bringing in the Facebook event so that you don’t end up with three macaroni salads and no dessert.

Light It Up

Ensure your guests can see comfortably by stringing lights around the party space. Tiki torches or lanterns can be used to effectively light pathways. If you are running extension cords, invest in landscape fabric stables to anchor them in the ground and avoid tripping.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Beach balls, slip n’ slides, bubbles and sprinklers are just a few of the many things that kids can use to keep themselves entertained. When the sun starts to go down, create a make-shift theater by hanging a white sheet on the side of your house or shed and projecting a movie onto it. Oh, and don’t forget the glow sticks if you want to be the most popular person at the party.

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