Landscaping Tips

GardenHave you ever looked at a home and thought that its landscaping was beautiful, but you could never afford it? Landscaping can be costly and discouraging if done improperly, but there are several things that you can do to increase the beauty and value of your home for an affordable price.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Adding trees and shrubs to your yard can increase shaded area, which lowers the outdoor temperature by 5 or 6 degrees, and can save you anywhere from 15 to 50 percent on air conditioning bills. Additionally, deciduous trees will shade your home during the warmer months, yet also allow the sun to warm your house in the winter.

Incorporate a Focal Point

Even if you don’t have the finances to do major landscaping on your yard, adding an attractive focal point is an easy way to refine the overall appearance. Common focal points to help accentuate your yard are garden fountains, trees, trellises, and even tall bushes.

Create a Cohesive Design

Organization is important, but a natural look is also desirable. A good way to achieve both is by planting repeat elements, whether that be colors, plants, or even shapes. Then, plant the varying components in odd groupings to help keep your garden from looking too structured. Just remember to consider the final adult size of the flower or shrub when you are planting.

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