5 Ways to Stage Your Home for Spring Buyers


Spring is the start of the busy season for real estate and with that comes plenty of competition amongst sellers to outshine one another and appeal to buyers. If you’re a seller this season, we’ve tried to even the playing field for you by coming up with a few different ways you can stage your home to make it look its best. These tips will not only help grab the attention of potential buyers, but will also allow you to enjoy the spring season!

1. Focus on Landscaping

To help accentuate your house, create a unique pattern on the grass while mowing the lawn. Then, plant flowers with uplifting aromas near your front door to not only perk up potential clients as they walk into your house, but to also give them something to remember your home by when they leave.

2. Play Host to Potential Clients

Spring weather is historically mild, but we all know there are occasional hot days. To help keep buyers hydrated and feeling positive, fill your kitchen sink with ice and put some bottles of water in it! This shows you care, and draws attention to a key feature buyers are looking for on their tour.

3. Use the Season to Inspire Your Design Elements

Buyers love to see pops of color when they look around the room, so whether it’s flowers, fruits, or veggies, placing these natural items in vases and bowls around your house is perfect for adding some wholesome & inviting decor to your house!

4. Create a Theme for Your Home

From a nautical escape to a zenful retreat and everywhere in between, creating a theme for your house enhances the buyer’s overall impression of your home by making it feel stylish and cohesive.

5. Depersonalize and Declutter

This trick can be useful no matter the season! By tackling spring cleaning, you’ll be both revitalizing your home and opening the door to opportunity in the form of prospective buyers! A clean house goes a long way.

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