5 Ways to Refresh Your Outdoor Living Space


Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about that backyard, deck, or patio you’ve neglected these past few months. Intimidating thought? We hope not! But just in case you don’t know where to start, we’ve come up with a few ways you can turn that outdoor space into your go-to spot for relaxing and entertaining.

1. Use Comfortable Seating

Just because you’re outside, doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. By making your patio or deck as cozy as your indoor living area, you’re more likely to actually spend time outside enjoying it.

2. Light it up

If you plan to entertain during those spring and summer evenings, try working lanterns, candles, or string lights into your design. They can not only help prolong gatherings, but also create a relaxed, inviting ambiance.

3. Incorporate the Elements

Add a natural touch to your outdoor space with features like a fire pit or a water fountain. They tend to be great conversation pieces, and also appeal to the senses for enhanced enjoyment.

4. Express Your Style

Decorate with things you love. Hang artwork that speaks to you, choose furniture in appealing colors and patterns, or plant your favorite flower. Customizing these types of details will help it go from just any backyard to your backyard.

5. Create Privacy

Whether it’s as simple as a lattice screen divider or as involved as a vinyl fence, creating a sense of enclosure will help define the space and put your guests at ease.

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