4 Ways to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger


Whether you have a 3500 square foot luxury home or a 500 square foot tiny house, most of us find ourselves dealing with cluttered spaces at some point or another. So the question becomes not why we deal with it, but how do we solve it?

Too often the simplest storage solutions are overlooked because they’re not what we’re expecting. By looking past the obvious, we can discover plenty of ways to clear up space, all while still showing a little personality!

Check out these tips to save space in your home:

  1. Make use of hidden storage / multipurpose items.

Storage ottomans and coffee tables are great ways to store items in a convenient, but out-of-the-way location. By having designated spots for blankets, reading materials, and more, you can create an inviting space that doesn’t feel busy or overwhelming.

  1. Use light colors on the walls and floor.

To open up the area, try going for brighter paint, wallpaper, and carpeting colors. This is especially useful in small spaces to help prevent the space from feeling closed in. Although darker colors might feel cozy, they absorb light instead of reflecting it.

  1. Paint or wallpaper the ceiling.

Yes, you read it right! By adding a splash of color or an interesting pattern to the ceiling, you can pull the eye upward and make the room appear bigger. Not to mention, it is sure to add a refreshing twist to your design.

  1. Add oversized mirrors to your design.

While you don’t want to overdo it, adding a mirror here or there in your design can help make the space feel larger. It’s most effective when placed across from a window so the reflected light can add dimension to the room. You can also try placing a mirror behind an end table to give the illusion of extra space.

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