5 Ways to Decorate your Home for Halloween


Now that the weather has finally started to cool down and October is here, we look forward to the Halloween season. Whether you’re into spooky front yard displays or decorating pumpkins is more your speed, we have a few fun ways to make your home look festive during this autumn season.

  1. Find your local farmer’s market
    One easy way to decorate both inside and outside your home with minimal work is to hit up your local farmer’s market for some fall décor. Purchase some various pumpkins, gourds and squash to make a nice colorful display.
  2. Get creative with your pumpkins
    For a chic design that would look great as a centerpiece, take fabric paint and draw fun patterns such as chevron or swirls on your pumpkins. Let them dry and then paint the whole pumpkin a solid neutral color for a simple and classy design.
  1. Mum season is here
    Spruce up your front porch or doorstep with some mums of various colors, and maybe a hay bale or two for a nice festive fall set-up.
  1. Spider’s nest luminaries
    If scary is your thing during this season, you can turn mason jars into a glowing spider’s nest. Just wrap the jars with some gauze and then glue a few plastic spiders to the outside. Fill each jar then with a candle or flameless LED.
  1. Candy Corn candles
    If you’re throwing a party, fill your home with that sweet candy corn aroma! Simply pour candy corn half way into hurricane vases, and then set a lit candle on top.

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