6 Easy Summer Weekend Projects


Looking for ways to spruce up the house for the summer season? There are tons of creative ways to spruce up your home both inside and out, and all it takes is a weekend and maybe a trip to the local hardware store.

  1. Build a Tree Bench

If you have several large and well shaded trees in your back yard, consider surrounding the base of one with a nice wooden bench. The wood will blend in well with the tree, and it makes for a great spot to do some summer reading!

  1. Grow Fruits & Vegetables

You only need a small space to plant just a few seeds and start a garden. With the right soil and proper gardening, you can begin growing fresh produce right from the comfort of home.

  1. Lighting for your Front Walkway

These easy to install low-voltage lights can add some curb appeal to your home, and also add some safety and security.

  1. Take the Bar Outdoors

Take your cocktail presentation up a notch by getting a mobile drink cart that can house glasses, ice, and bottles. Then it’s easy to maneuver when you’re ready to bring it inside too.

  1. Gather Around the Campfire

You can very easily build your own fire pit with some materials like stone, cinder blocks, or gravel. It will become your go-to spot on summer nights!

  1. Dine at your Picnic Table

Whether you purchase one or are crafty enough to build your own, a simple picnic table outside is a great way to add some furniture to your yard and enjoy meals in a different space.

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