8 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Easter Table


With April here, that means Easter is right around the corner. Many families will be hosting parties, egg hunts, and dinners over Easter weekend and often look for ways to spruce up their décor to get ready for the spring holiday. Below are a few simple and inexpensive ways you can add some spring or Easter flair to your table this year.

1. Create a Centerpiece
Get some clay gardening pots, letter stickers, and acrylic paint. Arrange the sticker letters to say something like “Happy Spring”, apply the paint color of your choice, let dry and remove the stickers. Finish off the look with some faux grass inside the pots.

2. Simple Place Settings
Tie a fresh flower like a tulip or daisy onto a folded cloth napkin. Very easy, and can be put together in no time!

3. Easter Candy
Place bright and cheery colored Easter candy in a few bowls and disperse around the table centerpiece. It will give your arrangement some color, and who doesn’t love snacking on some jelly beans.

4. Buffet Labels
If you’re serving your meal buffet style, use some light purple or any pastel shade of cardstock to make labels for the various dishes. You could even tie some twigs together and attach the card to the top for an earthy feel.

5. Creative Egg Dying
Everyone loves egg-dying as part of an Easter tradition. Create some with different designs and patterns, then place one in a white ceramic egg holder in the middle of each guests’ plate.

6. Colorful Table
For a colorful centerpiece that requires little assembly, purchase some faux Easter eggs and a hurricane vase. Pair with a light green or yellow table cloth to complete the look.

7. Cute Decor
Use some mason jars, Easter grass, jelly beans, and some chocolate bunnies to create a mini Easter scene inside of each jar. There are tons of possibilities on what to fill them with, and can turn out to be very bright and colorful.

8. Fresh Flowers
If you have some turquoise or green tinted bottles, fill some with water and then place a fresh flower inside the bottles. White tulips or daffodils will really make the colored vases pop on your table.

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