Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is almost here! It’s time to open your windows, freshen up your home, and plan your outdoors spaces for summer. Check out these helpful tips to make the most of March:

  1. Plan your garden
    It might not be quite warm enough yet to begin your garden, but it is the perfect time to check your gardening tools and jot down a plan for this year’s plantings. You could also sketch out ideas for landscape and hardscape changes such as installing a fence or new path. Start some seeds indoors or visit botanical gardens for spring plants. These are the best places to find native plants that do especially well in your specific region.
  2. Upgrade or clean your patio furniture
    Patio furniture tends to get grimy over the winter, so give it a good wash before using it in the coming season. Replace worn out pieces and launder washable outdoor cushions. If you’ve completed your outdoor garden plan, it might be a fun time to go shopping for new patio furniture to match your creative garden vision. Add an outdoor fire pit table or heater for a cozy space.
  3. Clean your air filters
    March is the perfect time to clean out or replace your air filter. Dust, dirt, and other particles begin build up after blasting heated air during the winter months. Use a flashlight to check your air filters and heating vents for extreme dust. Take note of any foul odors or poor airflow and cold spots. These are all signs they need a thorough cleaning. If the vents are especially dirty, it might be time to get your air ducts professionally cleaned.
  4. Safety check: vacuum your fire alarm
    Similar to your air filter, it’s important to make sure your fire alarm is clean. Dust accumulates inside your smoke detector and can cause it to be ineffective or a false alarm. While checking your batteries this month, take the top off and vacuum inside the alarm. Remember batteries should be replaced once a month and the detector should be replaced every 10 years.

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