5 Tips for a Safe Home this Holiday Season


This holiday season brings along fun traditions, time with family, and a festive spirit in the air. It’s a time of joy and celebration, but can also be a common season for home accidents or injuries. To avoid putting a damper on your holiday festivities, here are a few tips to keep your home and family safe this season.

1. Choose a Safe Holiday Tree or Wreath
If you’re going the natural route, first pick a tree/wreath that’s fully green and fresh. For trees, it’s also helpful once you bring it home to cut an inch or so off the bottom trunk before placing in the stand. This will allow the water to soak up easily and the tree will last longer. Keep the tree away from any sources of heat like fireplaces or space heaters.

2. Hanging up Lights
Whether you’re putting up strands of lights inside or outside, be sure to always unplug them first before replacing bulbs. Don’t run cords under rugs or across any open floor spaces. It’s also important to keep pets and small children away from any cords or lights.

3. Decorating Fireplaces
While they often do look very festive, be sure to remove stockings and other decorations like garland from the mantel while the fireplace is in use. Items such as these can present a fire hazard. Also do not leave a lit fireplace unattended.

4. Candle Safety
Keep candles away from any flammable decorations such as garland, wreaths, or trees. Be sure that candles are securely placed in appropriate holders that won’t easily tip over.

5. Using the Ladder
When hanging outside lights, be sure to first have all four legs of the ladder firmly on even ground. Be mindful of where you are placing the lights also, being sure to avoid hanging near power lines.

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