Elegant DIY decor for your Thanksgiving feast


Halloween has come and gone, and many consumers already look forward to the holiday season. However, there’s still one big get-together before winter officially arrives. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, homeowners can easily spruce up around the house to make the coming weeks a little more festive before Turkey Day.

In fact, a lot of the do-it-yourself decorations homeowners can put up at this time of year can be quite beautiful and very much in line with the feeling Thanksgiving is meant to engender, according to Country Living. For example, designing foliage-based centerpieces for dining room tables is a common staple at this time of year, but decorators can also throw in a more personal touch by making leaf-shaped cards and asking guests to fill out what everyone is thankful for.

Keep it simple
Another bit of decorating work that’s easy enough to make is napkin rings that double as seating cards for every place at the table. With a bit of fancy card stock and a little creativity, painting elegant and unique designs to indicate who will sit where is easy enough, and can show off any host’s creativity. Once the cards are made, finishing the decoration with a high-quality ribbon threaded through both ends can add that final touch that quite literally ties the DIY decoration together.

Finally, while many families resort to having a classic “kid’s table” because they can’t fit all the bodies in one room, it’s still nice to dress that other area up. Making sure youngsters have an attractive centerpiece of their own and hand-decorated goodie bags to denote where they should sit can go a long way toward making their holiday meal just a little bit warmer.

Dress up around the house
Of course, dressing up the dinner table is one thing, but it can also be a fun activity to make decorations for other parts of a home, according to Woo Home. For instance, making a Thanksgiving-themed candle holder for coffee tables or shelves isn’t all that difficult and can make a home feel much more inviting. All owners will need is a large candle, a jar big enough to hold it and some fall materials like raw corn kernels or pumpkin seeds from a number of stores.

In addition, taking time to string together a bunch of fallen leaves to create a banner or bunting that can hang from a porch, fireplace mantle or shelves can add some fun fall color to any room.

The good news is there are many simple DIY decorating ideas available online for just about any season, so it shouldn’t be too hard to seek out even more information about how to make a home stand out to friends and family as Thanksgiving approaches. And for the most part, it’s easy for just about any member of the family to complete these design flourishes with minimal investment of either money or energy.

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