Halloween is here! Scare up some fun by decorating your front yard

With fall weather officially here in most parts of the country, many homeowners start halloweenthinking about the  start of the holiday season that begins with Halloween through the first week of the new year. Traditional holiday decorating can be fun, but for many homeowners, perhaps the most exciting decor is Halloween because it lets them get a little adventurous with both the interior and exterior of their homes.

But when it comes to scaring up some good ideas to creep out the neighbors, experts recommend investing time and energy in making a front yard look as spooky as possible. With that in mind, there are plenty of easy do-it-yourself ideas you can knock out in a weekend just in time for the start of October. Here are just a few:

Webs everywhere
Some of the easiest decorations are the ever-popular fake spider webs. They can be easy to find at just about any local department store. But you can also make them out of black yarn, according to Idaho ABC affiliate KIVI. And because owners can make yarn webs as big as they want, they can also invest a bit of time into making a gigantic fake spider to go with them.

A lighting option to bewitch visitors
Particularly crafty owners can also make lighting fixtures and hang them on their porch or from posts in their yards to really cast a spell on visitors, according to Polka Dot Chair. Witch hats you can buy from any costume shop (or online) can be paired with fishing line, a few pins, and LED lights to create a spooky atmosphere.

Straw-stuffed scarecrow
Another great way to have a simple DIY project that probably won’t cost much at all is to take an old button-up shirt and pair of pants nobody wears any more, and fill it with straw. Then you can stand it against a tree, sit it on a porch or otherwise incorporate it into a scary scene. You can use a pumpkin, a paint bucket, or something else as a head – or to recall Ichabod Crane’s old foe – simply go headless to put an extra-disquieting exclamation on your front yard.

Traditional decorations with a twist
And of course, what front yard Halloween decorations would be complete without that tried-and-true Jack-o-Lantern? You don’t have to rely on triangular eyes and a crooked smile any more, because carving enthusiasts post printable patterns for even scarier designs. And instead of putting a candle in that pumpkin, LED lights that are designed to flicker like candles might be a smart long-term investment.

Here lies Halloween
Finally, many families can have a bit of macabre comic fun by cutting up some cardboard gravestones and incorporate a few jokes about who could be interred there. Whether it’s famous movie monsters, “punny” seasonal names or simply family in-jokes, that kind of decorating effort can really give a yard a chilling addition.

There are also plenty of other ideas out there you can find online, or make up your own. The trick at this time of year is to be as creative as possible so visitors have a spooktacular time, whether they’re stopping in for a chat or just there to pick up a treat on All Hallow’s Eve.


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