Back to School Planning

bpIt’s September!  Time to say goodbye to lazy summer days and hello to hectic mornings, backpacks on the floor and late night school projects.  Exhausted already?  Getting your family back into the school routine doesn’t have to be a looming challenge. Try these simple organizational and planning tips for a smooth transition.

  1. Plan Your Outfits Ahead
    It’s fun to pick out new school clothes and have a fresh wardrobe to start the year, but it can also waste valuable time in the morning mulling over the perfect outfit. Plan some time over the weekend to have your kids pick out their clothing for each day of the week and hang the outfits up in their closets with each day of the week labeled.
  2. Backpack Station
    Install hangers or cubbies next to your entrance-way so your kids are able to neatly store their backpacks or other school supplies as soon as they come home. Then when it is homework time, they will know exactly where they put their books and can get right to work.
  3. After School Snacks
    We’re all guilty of grazing the kitchen after a long day and many times our choices aren’t the healthiest or might spoil our appetite for dinner. Take some time on Sunday to cut up fruits and vegetables or other healthy treats to put in tupperware containers for your kids to snack on once they’re home.
  1. Homework Time
    Homework’s not fun, but we all have to do it. Designate a special homework spot for your kids to use that will keep them focused. Make sure it’s away from distractions like the television and cell phones. Stock up on project supplies like poster board, glue, and tape to stay on top of the ball if there’s a last minute project. Schedule a block of time each evening for your kids to complete assignments and for you to be available to help.
  2. Important Papers are Important
    Find a specific place in your home to keep all of the important papers you will receive from the school throughout the year. Whether it be a filing cabinet or very large drawer, make sure it is in a safe spot where you won’t accidentally throw it away or lose it in your daily shuffle.
  3. Know Where The Keys Are
    Whether it be a magnet key holder or a do-it-yourself key ring to hang by the door, make sure keys are always kept in the same place. This will save you and your kids from racing around the house before school frantically searching for those elusive keys.


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