Yard sale season is right around the corner and is a great time for you to make some extra money off of items you no longer wish to keep.  If your neighborhood is hosting a yard sale or you are having one by yourself, here are 6 tips for a successful yard sale.


If you are hosting a yard sale on your own, make sure you create simple signs with large arrows pointing towards your home. Directing people to your house is better than posting your address and hoping they know how to get there. If your neighborhood is hosting a yard sale, there will most likely already be advertising, so another great way to spread the word of your specific yard sale is to use the power of social media. Post about the event on your personal Facebook page and/or other local social media outlets.

Take Time to Prep

Make sure you stay organized to reduce any stress you may have in the morning since yard sales tend to start at the crack of dawn. Prep the night before by setting up as much as you can in the garage. Sort items in boxes by categories along with any supplies you’ll need; price stickers, tags, cash box.

Have Change

A lot of people don’t think about having singles or change before the yard sale. You don’t want to have to turn down customers if you can’t give them change for their twenty dollar bill. At the very minimum, break down $50 into one and five dollar bills, maybe even some quarters.

Enlist Help

Trying to run a yard sale by yourself can be hectic, especially if you have a large amount of merchandise and a lot of people show up. It would be difficult to talk to one customer while collecting money from several others. Invite a few friends to sell their stuff as well, this way you will have an extra set of hands in case it gets busy or you need to take a quick break.


Price EVERYTHING. Make it simple for customers by clearly writing prices and putting up signs such as “All t-shirts are $1.00.” Designate the last 1-3 hours to sell everything ½ off. Think of it this way, would you rather sell for half price and have cash in your hand or have the same unwanted items with no extra money?

Extra Cash

A creative way to make a few extra dollars is to draw customers to your yard by setting up a drink or food stand. For drinks you could sell coffee, hot chocolate, bottled water, fruit juice, etc…. You could also sell food items such as donuts, breakfast goods, baked goods, popcorn and popsicles.

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